Criminal Justice Academy

A criminal justice academy can be many things. Generally speaking, they are centers for learning about the law enforcement practices of a given region. They exist across the country in various forms, often being run as state organizations devoted to the training of peace keeping officers and legal police men and women. They also provide detention officers with essential knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform at a high level in a manner consistent with the legal standards held by the government.

In many instances, criminal justice academies are run by state legislative bodies and provide support to local police forces throughout the region. They are responsible for training large numbers of officers. In doing so, they support not only the state police forces but may also be responsible for training of cadets and other law enforcement representatives who cannot attend local academies due to lack of availability (in the case of remote or underrepresented regions) or for those individuals who require specialized training only available to a select few. Criminal justice academy standards vary by location and entrance requirements depend entirely on the admissions committee of each school.

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