Become A Cop

If you want to become a cop, we can show you how. The basic requirements are not complicated. Essentially you need three things, education, references, and physical fitness. We'll tackle each of these. The first thing to consider is your schooling. All police academies require that you have finished high school. You won't be getting in without a diploma or a GED, so if you don't have one, get that first. Pay close attention to your grades, study hard, and make sure to do your best. Becoming a cop means hard work. The second issue is references. If you're going to be carrying a gun and having citizens depend on you to save them, you have to be responsible. No matter how well you do in class, the academy isn't going to know whether you have what it takes from a moral and ethical standpoint. That's where the references come in.

Many academies require two or three letters from people you know well to put you into the incoming class. In other cases, they may just ask for contact information and call your references on the phone. So, it's important to know people who have good standing and know you well enough to vouch for your integrity. Don't underestimate this part of the application. The last and easiest part of applying to become a cop is physical fitness. Every state and local organization has basic fitness requirements you must meet to become a cadet. Be disciplined and work out regularly to meet these goals. Don't be content with just a passing grade, try to go beyond the bar to make your candidacy even stronger.

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